Let's all just take a moment to be honest with ourselves and admit that we are forgetful people - about our lives, our work and especially awards. It is a truth universally acknowledged that you WILL always leave award entries till the last minute. So that's why we created the Life, Awards and Inspiration Reminder Service - to deliver freshly baked reminders to call your mum, get that rash checked or to enter the Mohawk Awards. Sign up now.

Remind me about:


In this tone:


This often:

Last Minute
Chill, awards aren't that big of a deal.

They're just industry recognised, career-defining promotion-tickets. Pretty overrated.

Deadline Shmedline

There’s always the extension, and the 2nd extension, and probably another…


you need to win awards before you can call yourself an award winning designer

Bask in the glory

That’s right, go ahead and tell your old boss that, like John Snow – he knew nuthin

Did they say ‘Free'?

Enter all of the things!

Hunt down those samples.

Like Bear Grylls in the wilderness. Pants optional.

The Mohawk show is open

Welcome to the party my friends.

What've you got to lose?

Nothing, but everything to gain

Go Smell the Roses.

Some people are addicted to the smell of freshly printed ink, you're the dealer.

It's a fine line...

Between intern and faaaaame.

Dream bigger.

Because who needs tangible goals, right?

There are lost causes, and there's you.

C'mon, you got this. Aim higher.

In too deep? Learn to swim.

My 2 year-old pug can paddle better than you. And he only has three legs.

Past self: "I should do this."

Future self: "You're all talk."

Take a fucking chill pill.

There is more drama here than a Frank Underwood monologue.

Who knew?

You probably should have...

Nobody really knows what they’re doing

When in doubt, smile and nod.

Put others before yourself.

(and not just in laser tag)

You do you.

You go, you original mofo you.

Just remember what we practiced.

Wax on, wax off.

Today is a good day. It is written.

And what do we say to bad vibes? 'Not today'.

Today, let others be right. Right on.

Everybody needs a chance to shine.

City: Successtown.

Population: this guy right here.

Carpe Day-um

Latin for 'It's your time to shine'.

Treat yo self.

Manicure, Video Game, new iPhone, why not?

Lucky you're not keen on New Yorkers.

They define the word cool like you never could.

Stop wailing. Start working.

Unless you're Adele, that's not getting you anywhere.

What's better than the little engine that could?

The little engine that *did*.

Every Beyoncé needs a Solange.

Maybe it's destiny. We can't *all* have a hit on our hands.

300 dpi ain't crisp enough for you, beautiful.

Show them how sharp you are.

Remember all the designers you admired?

They're waiting over in the winners' circle. How's about joining them?

Clear some space on the trophy shelf.

Does it get exhausting being that talented?

Don't worry.

You'll always be remembered as 'that person that almost'.

Yeah... sarcasm aaalllwaaays works.

That was sarcasm.

Calm your farm.

Less Eeyore. More Phar Lap.

Be open to chance

Roll the proverbial dice every once and a while.

Success is a map of failures

And each one brings us closer to our destination.

Stand up for the little guy.

Or at least keep a step-ladder handy.

Three deep breaths.

You got this.

You'll go down in history.

Napoleon ain't got nothing on you.

Hey you. You're nailing it.

Keep it up you glorious human being.

We’re all making it up as we go.

Its' ok, join the club.

Can I book your TED talk in advance?

Because you're born to be on stage.

Win a trip to New York

Say what?! Just win best of show and you and a friend could be hanging with Pentagram like they’re your bff’s.